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 Dear all, 


Positions are open for assisting
with a cetacean survey in the Mediterranean Sea, Spain. Dates from 1th
to 11th
of August





association for the study and disclosure of aquatic environments specially
focused in the study of cetaceans; offer positions for volunteers for one of
the trips of the summer campaign of the project “A novel technique for cetacean localization and surveillance by means of
a radio controlled aircraft”. The aim of the project is to study the
cetacean species present in the Mediterranean Sea (Catalan-Balearic area).


The association catamaran will set
sail to Mallorca, from the Barcelona port the 2th of August (early morning)
and be back to Barcelona the 11th of August. Volunteers are expected to arrive
the 1th in the afternoon (can stay overnight on board) and leave the
12th as the boat will be back the 11th late in the
afternoon (so can stay overnight the 11th).


Visual and acoustical surveys will
be conducted from early morning to evening during the 10 days in the boat,
studying the distribution, behaviour, and sound production of the sighted
species. The assistants would be able to learn: species identification,
environmental and behavioural data collection, sound collection, sound tracking
and basic marine navigating skills.


Accommodation and food is offered
in the catamaran during the 10 days, but assistants are required to pay 700€
for food and accommodation expenses.


No previous experience is required,
as the scientist present in the campaign will provide species identification
information and teach assistants.


If you are interested or want more
information, please write us sending your résumé at: info at edmaktub.com





All the Edmaktub team




EDMAKTUB, Association for the
Study and Disclosure of the Aquatic Environment


Web: www.edmaktub.com

Mail: info at edmaktub.com

Facebook: Edmaktub

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