[MARMAM] New Manuscript on Assessing Effects of Noise on Marine Mammals in the Arctic

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MARMAM readers.

We would like to call your attention to a paper recently published in 
BioScience that considers modern approaches to assessing the effects of 
noise on marine mammals in the Arctic.  The full citation and abstract 
are given below; .pdf copies are available on request.

Thank you,
Brandon Southall on behalf of Sue Moore and co-authors Randy Reeves, Tim 
Ragen, Robert Suydam, and Christopher Clark.

Moore, S.E., Reeves, R.R., Southall, B.L., Ragen, T.J., Suydam^R.S., and 
Clark^C.W.(2012).Marine mammals and anthropogenic sound in a rapidly 
changing Arctic.BioScience 62, 289-295.

The recent loss of Arctic sea ice provides humans unprecedented access 
to the region. Marine mammals rely on sound as a primary sensory 
modality, and the noise associated with increasing human activities 
offshore can interfere with vital life functions. Many coastal 
communities rely on marine mammals for food and cultural identity, and 
subsistence hunters have expressed strong concerns that underwater sound 
from human activities negatively affects both the animals and hunting 
success. Federal regulations require scientists and oil and gas 
operators to acquire inci- dental harassment authorizations for 
activities that may disturb marine mammals. Currently, authorization 
requests are focused on the impacts of sound from activities considered 
in isolation of one another, and this precludes any possibility of a 
meaningful analysis of the cumulative impacts from multiple sources. We 
propose a new assessment framework that is based on the acoustic 
habitats that constitute the aggregate sound field from multiple 
sources, compiled at spatial and temporal scales consistent with the 
ecology of Arctic marine mammals.

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