[MARMAM] ENC: Video os common dolphins stranding and being returned in Brazil

Andre Silva Barreto abarreto at univali.br
Thu Mar 8 12:26:34 PST 2012

Dear Marmamers,

on the morning of March 5th, approximately 30 common dolphins stranded alive in a beach in Cabo Frio (-22.95893, -42.02423), north of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. By itself this isn't such big news, however, the event was filmed from the moment the dolphins were approaching the beach up to when the last was returned to the sea. It was a very brief stranding (less than 4 minutes) since there were many people on the beach and as soon as the animals beached, they were returned to the water.

>From the video it seems that they all survived.

The link for the video is:

I'm not the one who filmed, so I don't have any extra information. But due to the rarity of having an event like this filmed, I believed that it deserved being forwarded to you since it might give some insights on why strandings happen.


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