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Dear Colleagues,

we would like to make you aware of this new paper.

Maldini, D, Scoles R, Eby R, Cotter M, and Rankin RW. 2012. PATTERNS OF SEA
ENVIRONMENTAL VARIABLES. Northwestern Naturalist 93: 67-78.

ABSTRACT—This study provides the first in depth assessment of Sea Otter
haul-out patterns in Elkhorn Slough, California and their relationship to
environmental variables. Seasonal and daily water and air temperature
fluctuations are a good predictor of Sea Otter haul-out patterns but are
affected by the availability of haul-out sites at different tide levels.
The cost effectiveness of this choice may be maximal at night because of
lack of human disturbance. Southern Sea Otters(Enhydra lutris nereis) were
observed during 50 bimonthly 24-h periods between August 2007 andJuly 2009
(n 5 1187 h) from a shore-based observation site located above a
non-territorial male resting area on the north side of Moss Landing Harbor.
We counted the number of Sea Otters in the area (both in the water and on
land) at 30-min intervals. We also recorded tide height, and air and water
temperature. Thirty-minute counts averaged 42 Sea Otters using the area
(land andwater) during the day and 66 at night. The average number of Sea
Otters hauled out in the study area during the same haul-out event was 22,
and the maximum number was 93. Sea Otters were observed hauled out on 70%
of the days surveyed, and the proportion of Sea Otters hauled out was
significantly higher at night. Higher numbers of Sea Otters on land was
significantly correlated with lower air and water temperature, and with
mid-range tide-heights. We speculate that haulout behavior could play an
important role in energy conservation; however, human-related traffic
patterns in the area may negatively affect this energy conservation
Please contact: okeanis.maldini at gmail.com for inquiries about this work

Daniela Maldini, Ph.D.
Chief Scientist
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Moss Landing, CA  95039
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