[MARMAM] New ESME Workbench release

David Mountain dcm at bu.edu
Mon Jun 18 12:39:45 PDT 2012

A demo version of the new ESME Workbench acoustic impact simulator is now
available for downloading from our website:

This demo version includes environmental databases with world-wide coverage
from the US Navy Ocean Acoustics Modeling Library (OAML) and allows you to
specify sound source parameters and to compute, visualize, and save
transmission loss fields. The ESME Workbench also includes a GIS-like
capability for visualizing environmental data. Later this summer we will be
releasing the fully featured ESME Workbench that will include the 3MB
animal movement simulator and the ability to analyze and save the exposure
history of the virtual animals (animats) in the simulator.  The current
version of the acoustic simulator assumes a narrow-band source and uses a
ray-tracing approach (Bellhop <http://oalib.hlsresearch.com/Rays/index.html>)
that is not suitable for shallow water (less that 10 wavelengths).  Future
version of the ESME Workbench will include the capability to simulate
broad-band sources and algorithms suitable for shallow water.

Due to the size of the environmental databases, the installer is quite
large (1.8 GB) so the download can take a very long time to download unless
you have a very high-speed internet connection.  The environmental
databases are also available for downloading individually for users who
wish to use their own acoustic propagation software.

Please let us know if you need help using the simulator or if you discover
any problems.  Also, suggestions for how to improve the simulator would be
greatly appreciated.

Note: the installer checks to see if the environmental databases are
already installed so that future upgrades will install much faster.


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