[MARMAM] U.S. policy student seeking marine mammal GIS data?

Adam Jadhav adam.jadhav at student.american.edu
Thu Jun 21 00:51:35 PDT 2012

I'm hoping this e-mail might be circulated to the MARMAM list-serv.

My name is Adam Jadhav; I'm an environmental policy master's student
working on a marine biodiversity/threats mapping project in India.

I'm reaching out because I'm in need of spatially explicit marine
mammal data (CSV coordinate/species tables, shapefiles, geodatabases,
other GIS formatted files) specifically for the Indian EEZ.

I have the data from OBIS-Seamap (http://seamap.env.duke.edu/) and the
larger IndOBIS set, but they're rather sparse on mega-vertebrate
observations for India's EEZ. I'm also pursuing some good Indian
government data (from a 2008 CMFRI pub by Afsal et al).

I would happily take advice on other datasets related to mammals,
mega-vertebrates or biodiversity in general (the more layers the
merrier in this case).

I can be reached directly at adam.jadhav at student.american.edu.

Thanks so much,

Adam Jadhav

Adam Jadhav
Master's candidate, Global Environmental Policy
American University, School of International Service
adam.jadhav at student.american.edu
Indian mobile: +91 99 8659 2608
U.S. mobile +1 623 252 3428

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