[MARMAM] Summer 2012 Cetaceans field courses in Catania, Sicily, western Ionian sea.

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Research Courses in Catania, Sicily, Italy.
Western Ionian sea

KETOS scientific association is announcing his summer cetacean research courses
in Catania, Sicily, Italy. 
All the
courses will be taking place between June 19th and September 29th. 
course has the duration of one week. The principal aim of the courses is to
introduce the participants to marine biology, especially focusing on cetaceans
and turtles. 
The course
will be divided in theory and on-field activities. 
will be given within the Area Marina
Protetta "Isole Ciclopi"and will deal with:
-          Cetacean
and turtles’ anatomy and physiology
-          Recognizing
cetacean in the Mediterranean
-          Field
research methods (photo-ID, bioacoustics, etograms, GIS)
-          Strandings
and related studies (stranding causes, genetics, biometry)
All the
surveys (at least 4) will be conducted with an inflatable boat in the Gulf of Catania.
This course gives you the opportunity to
participate in daily research activities, as well as obtain background
knowledge of marine mammal science, marine biology and conservation. It is addressed
to students pursuing a career in marine mammal science and for those who are
just interested in cetaceans and in marine biology.
By the end
of this course, you will:
- have a better understanding of current issues in marine mammal and turtle conservation;
- obtain an overview of different research methods for studying marine mammals
in the wild;
- acquire practical experience of pleasures and frustrations of marine mammal
field research.

The cost
-          500.00
€ in june, july and September
-          650.00
€ in august
The cost
covers: boat surveys, short workshops, accommodation, food (breakfast and
dinner or lunch) and instruments (if you have your own binoculars,
photocameras, video camera you can bring it with you).
Anyone above the age of 18 can participate.
There will be no selection. Application will be
considered on a “first come, first served basis”.
Ask for
more specific informations!
Thank you
scientific association
Website: www.ketos.sicily.it 
email at: info at ketos.sicily.it and obviously on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/KETOS/146036052618
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