[MARMAM] ACS Whalewatcher Journal (Vol. 41, No. 1) Sperm Whale: Whale of Extremes

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Dear MARMAM  subscribers,

The American Cetacean Society is proud to announce the full-color  
special Sperm Whale issue of our ACS Whalewatcher Journal (Spring 2012  
Volume 41, Number 1).
This special leviathanic issue is solely devoted to the sperm whale,  
Physeter macrocephalus, and delves into the many aspects of sperm  
whale ecology, culture, and conservation.
We like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to Hal  
Whitehead, who served as our guest editor, and wish to thank all the  
authors and photographers who have contributed greatly to this special  
sperm whale issue.

American Cetacean Society, Whalewatcher Journal, Spring 2012, Vol. 41,  
No. 1

Sperm Whale: Whale of Extremes

In this issue:

– The Whale That Captured Me – Hal Whitehead.
– Foraging With the Biggest Nose on Record – Peter T. Madsen
– The Surprisingly Familiar Family Lives of Sperm Whales – Shane Gero.
– Sperm Whale Communications and Culture – Luke Rendell.
– On the Nose: Anatomy of the Sperm Whale Head – Uko Gorter
– Sperm Whales in the Mediterranean: The Difficult Art of Coexisting  
With Humans in a Crowded Sea –Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara,  
Alexandros Frantzis, and Luke Rendell.
– Sperm Whales & Fisheries: An Alaskan Perspective of a Global Problem  
– Jan Straley
– The War Between Homo sapiens and the Physeter macrocephalus (Where  
One Side Was Heavily Armed and the Other Didn’t Even Know There Was a  
War Going On) – Richard Ellis.

and more...

To order you copy! (do not reply to this email)

Contact Kaye Reznick, Business Manager of the American Cetacean Society.

Email:  acsoffice at acsonline.org
Call:  1-310-548-6279

Price: $ 8.00 US Dollars, plus S&H of $3 with North America, $8  
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Note: We still have copies of our Beaked Whales/John Heyning,  
Phocoenid (Vaquita), Climate Change/Cetaceans, and Killer Whale  
special issues.

Kind regards, Uko Gorter and Kaye Reznick (co-editors).

P. O. Box 1391
San Pedro, CA 90733-1391

Cheryl McCormick, Ph.D., Executive Director

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