[MARMAM] New Book on Conserving Hawaiian monk seals (and other marine mammals)

Terrie WIlliams tmwillia at ucsc.edu
Fri Jul 13 05:15:10 PDT 2012

To the marine mammal community,

I'm pleased to announce a new book, "The Odyssey of KP2: An orphan seal, 
a marine biologist, and the fight to save a species", concerning our 
efforts to conserve the Hawaiian monk seal.

This is a risky book as it details the scientific, personal and social 
aspects of a species that is coming into increasing conflict with 
humans.  The question is, will the public care enough about an isolated 
gray seal that they have never seen - and likely will never have the 
opportunity to see- to keep the species from going extinct?  This truly 
is the biggest experiment one can conduct for marine mammals.  We have 
linked the book to a new website that details the issues and how to 
become involved (www.savemonkseals.ucsc.edu).

With 50 years left for this species, time will tell if our experiment 
worked!  I'll be interested to hear your thoughts.


Terrie M. Williams, PhD
Center for Ocean Health - Long Marine Lab
100 Shaffer Road
University of California, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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