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Dear sirs
I would like to post on the MARMAM list the following announcement:

Subjetc: NEW PAPER Predictive habitat models to manage MPAs

Dear colleagues,
We are pleased to announce the publication of the following paper in 
the Ocean and Coastal Management:

Azzellino A., Panigada S., Lanfredi C, Zanardelli M., Airoldi, S. and 
Notarbartolo di Sciara, G. 2012. Predictive Habitat Models For 
Managing Marine Areas: Spatial And Temporal Distribution Of Marine 
Mammals  Within The Pelagos  Sanctuary (Northwestern Mediterranean 
Sea). Ocean and Coastal Management 67:63-74.

Habitat use of seven different species of cetaceans inhabiting the 
Pelagos Sanctuary was studied using
18-year summer shipboard surveys data, in an area of approximately 
25,000 km2. 2940 sightings were
collected: 1996 striped dolphins, 626 fin whales, 120 Risso's 
dolphins, 114 sperm whales, 27 common
bottlenose dolphins, 25 long-finned pilot whales, 23 Cuvier's beaked 
whales. Stepwise Logistic Regression
Analysis was used to develop presence/absence predictive models. 
Statistics of depth and slope were
used as covariates. Significant correlations were outlined (P < 0.05) 
supporting the hypothesis that
physiographic factors may be employed as predictors of the species 
presence. The temporal variability of
the species habitat use was also analyzed, confirming the reliability 
of the physiographic predictors.
Temporal trends and variability in the species distribution were also 
assessed through a GLM analysis.
The understanding offered by this long-term study is essential for 
managing the conservation status of
these wide-ranging species.

PDF copies are available upon request to arianna.azzellino at polimi.it

All the best

Dr. Arianna Azzellino,
PhD Environmental Engineering

Politecnico di Milano
University of Technology, Milan
D.I.I.A.R. Environmental Engineering Department
P.za Leonardo da Vinci, 32
20133 Milano - ITALY
ph.   +39 02 - 23996431
fax. +39 02 - 23996499
e-mail arianna.azzellino at polimi.it  
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