[MARMAM] Organochlorine compound accumulation in delphinids from Brazilian coast

Jose Lailson Brito joselailson at uol.com.br
Sat Jul 7 05:47:47 PDT 2012

Dear colleagues,

The following article has just been published on line in the *Science of
the Total Environment*:

*Organochlorine compound accumulation in delphinids from Rio de Janeiro
State, southeastern Brazilian coast*

José Lailson-Brito, Paulo R. Dorneles, Cláudio E. Azevedo-Silva, Tatiana L.
Bisi, Lara G. Vidal, Leticiaá N. Legat, Alexandre F. Azevedo, João Paulo M.
Torres, Olaf Malm. Science of the Total Environment, Volume 433, 1
September 2012, Pages 123–131

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   joselailson at gmail.com


The present study investigated organochlorine compound levels (PCBs, DDTs
and HCB) in blubber samples of six delphinid species from Rio de Janeiro
State, southeastern Brazilian coast. The species analyzed inhabit the
continental shelf (one killer whale, one false killer whale, two bottlenose
dolphins, three rough-toothed dolphins, and four long-beaked common
dolphins) and open ocean (four Fraser's dolphins). PCBs represented the
greatest proportion of the sum of all measured organochlorines (from 0.60
to 257.2 μg g− 1lw), followed by DDTs (from 0.15 to 125.6 μg g− 1 lw), and,
at last, HCB (from < DL to 2.91 μg g− 1 lw). Higher concentrations were
found in species that occupy the inner continental shelf (rough-toothed
dolphin), as well as in cetaceans that are known to or are suspected to
prey on other marine mammals (killer whale and false killer whale,
respectively). The findings have shown that organochlorine levels in
delphinids from southeastern Brazilian coast are comparable to those
reported in cetaceans from highly industrialized regions of the Northern
Hemisphere. Organochlorine accumulation patterns among delphinids from Rio
de Janeiro State were related to habitat use.

The article is available online at:

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Jose Lailson
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