[MARMAM] Harbour porpoise model, Estonia

Val Rajasaar viridis at online.ee
Mon Jul 2 12:42:21 PDT 2012

Dear colleagues!
> The first porpoise model in Estonia is ready. As I asked for 
> information on Harbour porpoise photos and forms earlier in this list, 
> I send hereby now a link to photos and my comment on this work 
> (addressed to Dr. Magnus Wahlberg in Denmark) as thanks for all who 
> answered for my request. Please feel free to comment very honestly, do 
> not be modest. As cleared below it is just the start for whale 
> modelling at our studio. Forms from original dead specimens can be 
> used only for casting details (eyes, mouth, nostril, anal and genital 
> region). Overall forms are useless, unless they have been taken in the 
> water, in weightless situation, but this is impossible: the only way 
> of modelling the overall body of marine mammals is by hand, first 
> having a good overview of the species' movements and alive nature of 
> them in their habitat.
> Best regards:
> Val Rajasaar
> NPO Studio Viridis Nature Education
> Estonia
Photos: http://bit.ly/P1o1UK
> http://www.facebook.com/StudioViridis
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> Teema:     Re: SV: Mammoths in Estonia
> Kuupäev:     Sun, 01 Jul 2012 17:05:35 +0300
> Saatja:     Val Rajasaar <val.rajasaar at studioviridis.ee>
> Saaja:     Magnus Wahlberg <magnus at fjord-baelt.dk>
> Hi! Our porpoise is now as it looks on photos attached. Colouring is a
> bit too rough as we ran out of timetable. We will add some colour details
> later. Please feel free to comment honestly, and also Your associates.
> It turned out that it is extremely difficult to finish the body surface
> as glide as it is. I worked it out on UA-foam body with reconstruction
> spackel and car-finishing polyester spackel. It is very time-consuming to
> get the surface nice and smooth. When I took photos then accidentally 
> other
> exhibition builders just then had to turn off the dioramas lighting. 
> So I had to
> use flash-light of camera. This one picks quite well up all the mistakes
> and also enlights colouring mistakes. In the original lighting of this
> diorama it looks actually much better (the first photo).
> I have to add some dark paint into its mouthline (flash showed me that it
> is needed) and we have to make the next one's colouring more natural by
> going deeper in the details which will guarantee the exact look (needs
> more time that we had now). As it is said: the first house You build is
> for learning, the second for neighbour and the third for yourself. I made
> also forms of this porpoise body, so I can start the possible next one 
> not
> from the total zero, already.
> Opening of the exhibition is on July, 10 at 15.00. You are welcome.
> Best regards! Val
> 18.06.2012 8:55, Magnus Wahlberg kirjutas:
>>  Hi Val
>>  looks great!
>>  Magnus
>>  ________________________________________
>>  Fra: Val Rajasaar [val.rajasaar at studioviridis.ee]
>>  Sendt: 17. juni 2012 13:12
>>  Til: Magnus Wahlberg
>>  Emne: Mammoths in Estonia
>>  Just placed our mammoths into the exhibition. Sry, for it is in 
>> Estonian
>>  language.
>>  Porpoise is coming next week.
>>  Best regards.
>>  Val&   Co.
>>  https://www.facebook.com/StudioViridis

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