[MARMAM] Striped dolphin strandings, eastern Adriatic Sea

Nikolina Rako nikolina.rako at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 02:42:12 PST 2012

Dear MARMAM members,

Within the past few months seismic surveys have been conducted in the central part of the Adriatic Sea at around 40 nm from the shore. During this time, 6 striped dolphin (Stenella coruleolaba) standings have been reported along the eastern Adriatic coast, of which 3 where reported dead, 2 were reported as live strandings and animals were returned  to the sea and 1 live stranding ended with animal dying. 

If anyone has more information on similar events (dolphin strandings related to airguns) please contact:

nikolina.rako at blue-world.org

Thank you in advance,

With kind regards,

Nikolina Rako
Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation

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