[MARMAM] info requested [AQUA mark 200 as cetacean deterrent]

suleman mazhar sulemanmazhar at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 26 04:59:33 PST 2012

Dear List, 

I 'll be thankful if any of friends can share the experience/comments on use of AQUA mark 200 for dolphins (to reduce dolphin catch)?

2. Reported bandwidth & SL for the device is 5kHz -160kHz and 145dB re 1μPa @ 1m respectively. If colleagues on the list can share their research work/findings that deals with exposure & effects of broadband noise/SONAR on dolphins, it 'll also be appreciated (as I am interested to know about any acoustic/noise effects of device on dolphin behaviour and any potential demerits).

3. Indus dolphin is fresh water cetacean just like Baiji. Sometimes dolphin move into canal areas from the river where it may endanger itself. If possible, I 'll also request an expert opinion/comments for suitability of this device as "dolphin-friendly" deterrent for such accidental movements.

Suleman Mazhar, Ph.D.

GIK Institute, Pakistan
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