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Alaska Marine Mammal Observer Positions (AMMOP)
Saltwater Inc is currently recruiting applicants for the marine mammal
observer program in Southeast Alaska.
The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) is mandated by the Marine
Mammal Protection Act to monitor the level and nature of interactions
between commercial fisheries and marine mammal stocks. Monitoring will begin
for the Southeast Alaska salmon drift gillnet fishery in Alaska Department
of Fish and Game management districts 6 and 8 during 2012 and 2013.
Saltwater Inc was awarded the contract to implement the program together
with NMFS.
The Alaska marine mammal observer program (AMMOP) is focused on providing
statistically reliable information to measure and report on injury and
mortality of marine mammals. AMMOP will rely on marine mammal observers to
collect this information and support scientific studies. While on assignment
observers will collect and record data relating to commercial fishing
operations, gear types, and marine mammal and seabird interactions.
Observers will estimate quantity and species harvested, in addition to
conduct standardized surveys, observations, and sample collection for marine
mammals and seabirds.
We are currently seeking experience observers with a background in marine
mammal or fisheries observer research. Ideal candidates will be proven
self-starters, have excellent communications skills, and the ability to work
independently while following direction from a supervisor.
Observers must meet the following requirements:
* Prior fisheries or marine mammal observer experience with successful
* At least 90 days prior at-sea observer experience
* Bachelor's degree or higher in the natural sciences with a minimum of 30
semester hours or equivalent in biological sciences, and at least one
undergraduate course in math or statistics
* Experience in systematic observations and making clear, concise scientific
* Possess excellent inter-personal skills, and demonstrate responsibility,
maturity, and self-motivation
* Able to live in close quarters with others for extended periods in a
professional setting
* Have physical ability to carry out the duties of an observer, and work at
sea for extended periods without medical restrictions
* Have current first aid and CPR certifications
* Experience in outdoor living skills and etiquette
* United States citizen or non-citizen legally residing in the U.S. for at
least 3 years and have legal Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)
visa status
Observer logistics
Observers will conduct field observations for each day the commercial
fishery is open. Observations may occur during the nighttime hours.
Commercial periods typically run for 3 to 4 days weekly. An additional day
of work will be required weekly for data debriefing in the office. Observers
will be paid for each day worked. The daily pay rate for observation is $256
and $176 for debriefing.
Observers will be primarily based in the towns of Petersburg and Wrangell,
Alaska. Observers will travel to the fishing grounds and work from
independent work boats operated by experienced, licensed boat operators.
During commercial fishing periods observers may stage for two to three
nights weekly in remote locations, with accommodations including shared
bunkhouses or floating cabins. All housing and meals will be provided while
on duty.
All observers must successfully complete a two week training prior to
deployment. Training will begin May 29 in Anchorage, Alaska. A
transportation stipend will be provided for travel to Anchorage, and travel
to the duty location in Southeast Alaska will be covered. Housing and meal
reimbursement will be provided during training. Training will end on June 8.
Employment will begin immediately following on approximately June 10, and
will run through mid to late September depending on the duration of the
drift gillnet fishery.
How to apply
For additional information about the program and to submit an application
please visit our website:  <http://www.saltwaterinc.com>. Applications
will be accepted through February 3, 2012.

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