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Dear colleagues,

The North Atlantic Killer Whale ID Project (Project NAKID,
www.northatlantickillerwhales.com) is organising a workshop on North
Atlantic Killer Whales during the 26th European Cetacean Society’s
conference in Galway, Ireland (www.iwdg.ie/ecs) in March 2012.

The aims of this workshop are to: summarise the current state of knowledge;
to build further bridges between different research groups, NGOs and
individuals working on this species in the North Atlantic; and to further
facilitate the sharing of data to allow broader geographic comparisons.
These include photo-identification, tissue samples and acoustic recordings
and it is hoped that an outcome of this workshop would be a move towards a
coordinated database of these materials. Finally we hope to promote
discussion on how past, current and future research can help inform policy
and management. We hope this workshop will help identify research gaps and
facilitate the coordinated cooperative approach across a broad geographic
area that is needed to further our understanding of killer whales in the
North Atlantic.

The workshop will be held on the Sunday 25th March 2012, 08:30-17:00, at
the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (www.gmit.ie) on Dublin Road.

Abstracts of presentations will shortly be able to be downloaded as a PDF
from www.northatlantickillerwhales.com/publications<http://www.northatlantickillerwhales.com/index.asp?pageid=100060>

We now have an exciting and diverse range of presentations lined up (see
below) and we only have space for one or two more, but we will still
consider abstracts for presentations.

For those wishing to participate or interested in submitting an abstract
please contact us at (nakillerwhales at gmail.com).

The cost to participants will be between 10-20 EUR to cover provision of
teas and coffees, payable on the day.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Sanna Kuningas, Filipa Samarra, Andy Foote and Renaud de Stephanis

Confirmed Presentations (only presenting author and preliminary talk titles
are listed):

Andy Foote: Population structure of Northeast Atlantic killer whales

Sanna Kuningas: Population dynamics of Northern Norwegian killer whales

Pádraig Whooley: Sightings of killer whales in Irish waters

Charlotte Dunn: Killer whale occurrence and predation in the Bahamas

Andreia Pereira: Killer whale occurrence in Portugese waters

Ruth Esteban: Killer whales in the Strait of Gibraltar

Filipa Samarra: Behaviour of Icelandic killer whales

Heike Vester: Do salmon feeding North Atlantic Killer Whales use context
specific calls?

Volker Deecke: Population identity of Shetland killer whales – results of
the analysis of pulsed call repertoires

Dag Vongraven: Experimental insights and observational evidence of prey
switching by killer whales in the northeast Atlantic

Nicola Rehn: Cross-cultural and cross-ecotype production of a killer whale

call suggests universality

Steve Ferguson: Research on killer whales in the Northwest Atlantic and
Canadian Arctic

Cory Matthews: Assessing diet of Eastern Canadian Arctic/Northwest Atlantic
killer whales using

stable nitrogen isotope ratios (δ15N) in teeth

Sandra Kötter: Using opportunistic data to study a critically small
community of killer whales in Scottish waters

Robert Deaville: Killer whale strandings in the UK 1913-2010

Nicola Hodgins: Turning research into conservation policy

Renaud de Stephanis: Conservation plans for cetaceans in the Spanish
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