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Dear all,

We have recently scanned some of the old reports from the institute and these are now available as pdfs. Of particular interest may be the reports on noise measurements in Davis Strain, Baffin Bay, Lancaster Sound etc. made by Ødegaard-Danneskiold-Samsøe in the 1980'ties in connection with assessment of impact of the Arctic Pilot Project. Although not from yesterday, these measurements still stand as some of the finest of their kind.
Ambient Noise in the Sea off Thule, North Greenland     Lars Thiele     nov-83  Oedegaard & Danneskiold-Samsoee

Ambient Noise in the Sea off Kap York, Melville Bay North West Greenland        Lars Thiele     okt-82  Oedegaard & Danneskiold-Samsoee

Underwater Noise Exposure from Shipping in Baffin Bay and Davis Strait  Lars Thiele, Allan Larsen og Ole Winther Nielsen        maj-90  Oedegaard & Danneskiold-Samsoee

Underwater Noise Study from the Icebreaker "John A. MacDonald"
        Lars Thiele     dec-88  Oedegaard & Danneskiold-Samsoee

The reports can be downloaded from this link, as report number 3-6:

Other reports on Greenlandic marine mammals are also available on the site, many in Danish, however.


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