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On behalf of the authors Helene Marsh, Thomas J. O’Shea and John E. Reynolds III, I would like to forward the following information about the publication of their new book entitled “Ecology and Conservation of the Sirenia: Dugongs and Manatees”, Cambridge University Press.

For more information and a 20% discount, please go to www.cambridge.org/us/9780521888288<http://www.cambridge.org/us/9780521888288>
and enter the discount code F1Marsh (offer expires 30 April 2012).

Susan Sobtzick

Susan Sobtzick
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James Cook University
Townsville, QLD 4811
Email: Susan.Sobtzick at jcu.edu.au<mailto:Susan.Sobtzick at jcu.edu.au><mailto:Susan.Sobtzick at jcu.edu.au>

About the Book
Dugongs and manatees, the only fully aquatic herbivorous mammals, live in the coastal waters, rivers and lakes of more than 80 subtropical and tropical countries. Symbols of fierce conservation battles, sirenian populations are threatened by multiple global problems. Providing comparative information on all four surviving species, this book synthesises the ecological and related knowledge pertinent to understanding the biology and conservation of the sirenia. It presents detailed scientific summaries, covering sirenian feeding biology; reproduction and population dynamics; behavioural ecology; habitat requirements and threats to their continued existence. Outlining the current conservation status of the sirenian taxa, this unique study will equip researchers and professionals with the scientific knowledge required to develop proactive, precautionary and achievable strategies to conserve dugongs and manatees. Supplementary material is available online at: www.cambridge.org/9780521888288<http://www.cambridge.org/9780521888288>.

Key Features
• A synopsis of the status and conservation needs of sirenia in more than 80 countries, offering detailed material for each species and status information for each country or region
• Addresses human values, food security, poverty and other topics to equip researchers and professionals with the tools to develop successful strategies for conserving wildlife and habitat, in both developing and developed countries
• Summarizes the ecological breadth and diversity of extinct sirenians and their likely origins, providing readers with a greater appreciation of the evolutionary uniqueness of the sirenia
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