[MARMAM] Post-Doctoral Fellow or "Super-tech/Analyst"

Christopher Taggart Chris.Taggart at phys.ocean.dal.ca
Wed Jan 4 06:50:59 PST 2012

Opportunity for Post-Doctoral Fellow or "Super-tech/Analyst" to conduct 
research on vessel threat to whales.

I am seeking a Post-doctoral Fellow, or "Super-tech/Analyst" to begin As 
Soon As Possible on research related to vessel-strike risk and threat to 
large whales throughout Atlantic Canada with an initial focus on the Gulf 
of St. Lawrence. Applicants 'MUST' have demonstrated and documented 
proficiency in MatLab and/or 'R'. Applicants who also have demonstrated 
and documented proficiency in spatial probability analyses will have a 
clear advantage. Whale-biology knowledge is not reqired. The appointment 
would extend until 30 March 2013 with an annual stipend in the 35 to 40 K 
range with possible top-up. Extension beyond the above period would be 
funding dependent. Applicants should forward a letter of interest and CV 
directly to: chris.taggart at dal.ca

Insights into similar research of this kind can be found at:

http: //www.phys.ocean.dal.ca/~taggart/Publications/Vanderlaan_etal_2011.pdf

http: //www.phys.ocean.dal.ca/~taggart/Publications/Vanderlaan_etal_2009_ESR.pdf

http: //www.phys.ocean.dal.ca/~taggart/Publications/Vanderlaan_etal_2008_ESR.pdf

Prof. Christopher T. Taggart, PhD
Oceanography Department
Dalhousie University
1355 Oxford Street
PO Box 15000
Halifax, NS, CANADA, B3H 4R2
Ph:902-494-7144;  Fx:902-494-3877
Email: chris.taggart at dal.ca
http: //www.phys.ocean.dal.ca/~taggart/
http: //oceanography.dal.ca/person/Taggart_Christopher.html

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