[MARMAM] Mobile Ecological Data Acquisition and Dissemination

Jake Levenson jlevenson at mac.com
Thu Dec 13 09:27:09 PST 2012

Dear Marmam¹ers, 
We are pleased to announce the development of a new tool available from
Conserve.IO (http://conserve.io/) focusing on ecological data acquisition
and dissemination.  In an effort to better understand the diverse needs of
the marine mammal world we thought that the MARMAM community might be
interested in providing input into the final development process and would
appreciate your taking a few minutes to take this ten question survey at
The ³tool², in its current form, is a mobile application platform entitled
³Spotter² ( http://conserve.io/?page_id=150)  and is designed to empower
scientists and resource managers with the ability to quickly and accurately
collect geospatially referenced ecosystem data and convey that data to
stakeholders in real time.   

Spotter is cloud-based, and as such it affords geographically separate users
the ability to collaborate documenting sightings in real-time. Spotter can
also be quickly customized to include species-specific meta-data
(characteristics and behavior), media and data collection processes (such as
survey effort versus opportunistic sightings). Finally, Spotter can also
integrate various data layers such as navigational charts, topographical
maps and remote sensing information, making adding relevant field data
straightforward and reliable.
So, whether your need is to document animal behavior, strandings, invasive
species sightings, butterfly distribution, or coral bleaching events,
Spotter is intended to be a high quality data capture platform to suit those

To the introduction, we could use (and would greatly appreciate) your help
in our understanding whether or not we¹re on the right track (i.e. ³The
product would be valuable, especially if it did X, Y, Z, or ³Its the worst
idea of all time.²).

To that end, please find follow this survey link and, again, thank you!

Kind Regards,
Jake Levenson
Co-Founder, Conserve.IO
For more information on how Conserve.IO can support your needs visit
http://www.Conserve.IO <http://www.conserve.io/> 
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