[MARMAM] New publication: historical mortality of fin whales Balaenoptera physalus in the Adriatic Sea

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Mon Dec 3 03:45:07 PST 2012

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We are pleased to announce that the following article has just been 
published in the Marine Biodiversity Records Journal. If you are 
interested in obtaining an electronic pdf of this paper, please visit 
the following website 
contact Nino Pierantonio at n.pierantonio at gmail.com for article reprints.

Pierantonio N., Bearzi G. 2012. Review of fin whale mortality events in 
the Adriatic Sea (1728—2012), with a description of a previously 
unreported killing. Marine Biodiversity Records, 5:e109. 

Abstract – This paper contributes an updated and detailed review of fin 
whale mortality events in the Adriatic Sea, encompassing four centuries. 
A total of 17 events, all referring to single animals, were validated 
through a content review of historical and recent information. Mortality 
events in the area mostly involved dead animals (N = 12; 70.6%), with 2 
whales live-stranded (11.8%) and 3 killed (17.6%). Most records (70.6%) 
are for the last century, likely due to improved reporting. We provide a 
detailed description of the previously unpublished killing of an adult 
male fin whale which occurred in 1960 in the central-western portion of 
the basin.

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