[MARMAM] Stranded Sea Leopard advice

Constanza Cifuentes Ortiz conocifuentes at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 08:55:14 PDT 2012

Dear all,

I'm a veterinarian graduated student in Chile, and i would like to borrow a
space here to ask for any kind of advice if it's possible.

A sea leopard (*Hydrurga leptonyx*) is stranded in Talcahuano (VIII Region
of Chile) and here are a few volunteers taking care of this animal.

It seems like the sea leopard has pneumonia, a fracture and some injures on
its tail.

For the treatment, i was thinking of:

*Acetylcistein*: 20% solution nebulizer BID-QID

*Aminophylline*: 5,5 mg/kg PO, BID

I don't know if the doses would be fine to a sea leopard.

I'm very far from this animal, because I’m from Santiago. But i a
veterinarian already have diagnostic the animal. I don't think they will
make a cultive to see the agent. But, would you treat it with antibiotics
also? Which would be the best for this seal and which dose?

I read that parasitism is a very common cause of pneumonia in pinnipeds. Would
you treat it with Fenbendazole also? (11 mg/kg PO SID (two doses))

If anyone could give us some information we will be very grateful.

Thank you!

*M. Constanza Cifuentes Ortiz*

*conocifuentes at gmail.com** *

*Medicina Veterinaria*

*Universidad Mayor*
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