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Apologies to those of you who will receive duplicate emails due to cross-posting.  The International Whaling Commission (IWC) publishes The Journal of Cetacean Research and Management thrice yearly (Spring, Autumn, and Winter), with at least one supplement that will contain the full report of the IWC Scientific Committee. The following is posted on behalf of the IWC and the journal editor.
Further information can be found at: http://www.iwcoffice.org/publications/JCRM.htm. A guide for authors is included in the first volume of each issue and on the IWC website: http://www.iwcoffice.org/publications/authorsguide.htm. 
Contact information is provided for the corresponding author for each article. Please do not contact the listserve editors or me for pdfs or copies of the articles. Thank you for your continued interest in the journal and abstract postings.
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The latest publication of JRCM is the supplement to Volume 13 (April 2012). The editor notes that Volume 13 Supplement was required for the IWC’s Annual Meeting that was held recently, so this volume had to be published before Volume 12(2) which will follow later; apologies for the inconvenience caused by the delay.
This supplement to JCRM contains the Report of the Scientific Committee from its Annual Meeting held from 30 May – 11 June 2011 in Tromsø, Norway. The supplement also contains the reports of seven intersessional meetings: 
(1)   the Report of the Workshop on Small Cetaceans and Climate Changes held in November-December 2010 in Vienna, Austria;
(2)   the Report of the 2011 AWMP Workshop with a focus on Eastern Gray Whales, held in March-April 2011 in La Jolla, USA;
(3)   the Report of the First RMP Intersessional Workshop for Western North Pacific Common Minke Whales held in December 2010 in Pusan, Republic of Korea, incorporating the Preparatory Meeting for this Workshop held in September 2010 in Tokyo, Japan;
(4)   the Report of the Intersessional IA Workshop on Estimating Abundance of Antarctic Minke Whales held in January 2010 in Bergen, Norway;
(5)   the Report of the Workshop on Planning for an IWC Co-ordinated North Pacific Research Cruise Programme held in September-October 2010 in Tokyo, Japan;
(6)   the Final Report on the Assessment of the Southern Hemisphere Humpback Whale Breeding Stock B held in Tromsø, Norway in June 2011; and also 
(7)   the Report of the Workshop on Welfare Issues Associated with the Entanglement of Large Whales held in April 2010 in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii. 
A review of the taxonomy, population structure and status of Ziphiids of the North Atlantic and Mediterranean formed the focus of the Committee’s work on small cetaceans. Other populations of small cetaceans that were of notable concern included the vaquita; franciscanas off the coast of South America; and narwhals and white whales in West Greenland.
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