[MARMAM] new publication on feeding habits of Atlantic spotted dolphins (Stenella frontalis) in Brazil

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Dear Marmamers; a new publication on on feeding habits of Atlantic spotted
dolphins (Stenella frontalis) in Brazil is available.
Pdf requests through: sotalia at gmail.com.

Lopes, X.M.; Santos, M. C. de O.; da Silva, E.; Bassoi, M. and Dos Santos,
R.A. 2012. Feeding habits of the Atlantic spotted dolphin, Stenella
frontalis, in southeastern Brazil. Brazilian Journal of Oceanography,
60(2): 189-198.

Abstract: This study presents new information on the feeding habits of the
Atlantic spotted dolphins, Stenella frontalis, in the
Western South Atlantic. Nine stomach contents of S. frontalis incidentally
caught in fishing operations conducted
by the gillnet fleet based on main harbour of Cananeia (25o00’S; 47o55’W),
southeastern Brazil, were analyzed.
These specimens were captured between 2005 and 2007. A total of 1 422
cephalopod beaks, 147 otoliths and three
crustaceans were recovered from the stomach contents. The dolphins assessed
preyed on at least eight different fish
species of the families Trichiuridae, Carangidae, Sparidae, Merluccidae,
Engraulidae, Sciaenidae, Congridae and
Scombridae, five cephalopod species of the families Loliginidae,
Sepiolidae, Tremoctopodidae and
Thysanoteuthidae, and one shrimp species of the Penaeidae family. Based on
the analysis of the Index of Relative
Importance (IRI), the Atlantic cutlassfish, Trichiurus lepturus, was the
most important fish species represented. Of
the cephalopods, the squid Doryteuthis plei was by far the most
representative species. Several items were reported
for the first time as prey of the S. frontalis: Xiphopenaeus kroyeri,
Tremoctopus violaceus, Semirossia tenera,
Merluccius hubbsi, Pagrus pagrus and Paralonchurus brasiliensis. S.
frontalis presented teuthophagous and
ichthyofagous feeding habits, with apparent predominance of the first, and
preyed mainly on pelagic and demersal

Dr. Marcos Cesar de Oliveira Santos
Laboratorio de Biologia da Conservacao de Mamiferos Aquaticos
Departamento de Oceanografia Biologica, Instituto Oceanografico,
Universidade de São Paulo
Praca do Oceanografico, 191, Sala 145-A
Butanta, Sao Paulo, SP, Brasil
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