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Fri Apr 27 11:07:56 PDT 2012

This is the final announcement for the Passive Acoustic Technician Training course/workshop being held next week  (Monday April 30ththrough Friday May 4th, 2012) on the University of California, San Diego campus in La Jolla, California. The workshop is hosted and run by Bio-Waves Inc., located in the San Diego area (www.bio-waves.net)  
There are still 2-3 spots remaining. 

If you are interested please contact us immediately at:
 education at bio-waves.net 
or call
(Serious inquiries for next week’s course ONLY if calling the phone number)

The course combines theoretical instruction with hands-on demonstrations and training to give participants a working knowledge of passive acoustic monitoring hardware, software and data management and data-review/analysis. The goal of this training course is to provide individuals with the necessary tools and basic skills to prepare them for work as bio-acoustic field technicians. This five day course will be held at the San Diego Supercomputer Center, located on the UCSD campus in La Jolla, California.

This Passive Acoustic Technician Training course will include lectures, demonstrations and activities on the following subjects:
-   An introduction to the physics of underwater sound
-   how to setup, troubleshooting and repair of towed hydrophone arrays
-   software used to detect, localize and classify sounds 
-   acoustic data collection and management.
-   how to splice an underwater (hydrophone array) cable.

All participants will receive a set of materials (handbook and electronic copies of presentations, software and activities) for future reference.

At the conclusion of this intensive hands-on course, participants will have gained a working knowledge of practical aspects of towed hydrophone array system design, maintenance and operations. 
College credit is available upon successful completion of the course through UCSD’s extensions.

To register or obtain more information about the course please visit:

Please contact education at bio-waves.net if you have questions.

Thank you, 
Bio-waves Education Department.

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