[MARMAM] Request for Script Reader

Samantha Christopher samantlc at usc.edu
Wed Apr 11 22:40:16 PDT 2012

Dear Marmam reader,

My name is Sam Christopher, and I am a master's candidate in screenwriting at the University of Southern California. I am currently writing a movie script for submission to the Sloan Foundation scholarship competition (http://cinema.usc.edu/sloan/), which looks for scientifically accurate scripts. I'm looking for a reader who is a "professor or working professional in the science field related to the material" to read the script and confirm that the material is scientifically accurate. 

The script is called "Fluke," and is about an aspiring marine biologist who gets a job on a sailboat. I’ve worked on sailboats before, so I feel very comfortable with the “boat life” aspects of the story—but I am looking for help whenever my main character talks about whales (specifically, North Atlantic Right Whales). 

As far as the timeline, is concerned, I'll have it ready to get to you on Monday (the 16th), and I'd need it back in order to revise by Sunday (the 22nd) The script itself is about 110 pages long (but scripts have far fewer words per page than, say, books—100-120 is the page range for average movie scripts). 

If interested, please contact samantlc at usc.edu. I really appreciate anyone who's willing to take a look at my work. Thank you so much!

Sam Christopher
samantlc at usc.edu
MFA, Writing for Screen and Television '13

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