[MARMAM] web site for marine vertebrate dive records

Cecile Vincent cvincent at univ-lr.fr
Mon Apr 2 00:14:37 PDT 2012

Dear all,

After many months of development, the Penguiness Book 2 is now online at 
http://penguinessbook.scarmarbin.be/. This database compiles the diving 
performances of all air-breathing animals (reptiles, aquatic mammals, 
birds...) using published results from the scientific literature, 
ensuring that these data are the most reliable on the Net.
We are still in the process of checking the database following the 
transfer from the old version (hosted in Japan) to the new one (now 
hosted in Belgium by SCAR-marBIN), so we apology if you spot any 
mistakes. We would be very happy if you could send us your feedback 
(e.g. if, for instance, the page does not display well on some browsers) 
or information/data/photos. We will try to keep the page as up-to-date 
as we can.

Please feel free to advertise the page.

Yan Ropert-Coudert et Akiko Kato
+ the development team

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