[MARMAM] Workshop Announcement: Discovery: Photo-Identification Data Management System Workshop

Glenn Gailey gaileyg at tamug.edu
Thu Sep 22 07:46:02 PDT 2011

Workshop: Discovery: Photo-Identification Data Management Software System

Date: Sunday,  27 Nov. 2011

Location: Tampa Bay Convention Center, Tampa, Florida (Room #20)

Registration Fee: $50 US 


A software system, named DISCOVERY, was developed to provide a comprehensive
approach to processing, storage, management, and variety of analyzes of
photo-identification data and other associated information.  As there are
many non-standard data types of information being collected across a variety
of projects, discovery was designed to be extremely customizable and dynamic
in its ability to store all information for a any photo-identification
project.  Photo-Identification processing tools allows users to filter and
manipulate their "incoming" data efficiently and provides within-group
matching tools to identify the best representative image to be matched to
the catalog of previously identified individuals.  Matching to the catalog
can be filtered by user-defined categories, sub-categories, and descriptors
to narrow the list of potential matches in the defined catalog of
individuals. Forms to store standard as well as user-defined sighting
parameters are provided along with survey effort and GPS waypoint and track
storage capabilities.  GIS components allow visualization of individual,
group sighting, and survey information.  Discovery also provides
import/export of ESRI shapefiles of geographic information to/from other GIS
software tools.  Analytical tools were developed to provide summary
information, such as discovery curves, sighting/re-sighting histories, group
size frequencies, behavioral frequencies, etc.  Existing data can be easily
imported into Discovery due to a dynamic import tool and data stored in
Discovery's Access database can be exported into Excel, Access, SocProg,
Mark, and GIS software for further processing and analyses of
photo-identification information.  We believe that Discovery provides a
dynamic tool that facilitates easy integration of all collected
photo-identification and sighting data; a tool that efficiently stores,
visualizes, processes, and maintains these data and allows export to and
from other tools. The system can be particularly useful for maintaining a
centralized database for research projects that maintain multiple-species
data on a large geographic scale with multiple research teams working with
different databases and species. The flexible capabilities of Discovery
allows the system to be adaptable to suit project-specific requirements and
user-specific needs. 


This workshop will provide an introduction to DISCOVERY and will point out
the system's primary components and the dynamic nature of the software, from
the initial download of survey images to storing associated information,
processing data, to the visualization and analyses of the data.  All
workshop participants will be provided with the software prior to the
workshop and a hands-on component of the workshop will provide a means to
illustrate the adaptability of the software for each participant's project.


If you would like to participate in the workshop, please Register
e&id=591&Itemid=336&workshop=23>  here (or  email
Discovery.smm.2011 at gmail.com). 


With kind regards and be well, 


Glenn Gailey

Institute of Marine Life Sciences

Marine Mammal Research Program

Texas A&M University, Galveston




Leszek Karczmarski 

The Swire Institute of Marine Science 

School of Biological Sciences 

The University of Hong Kong 


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