[MARMAM] Volunteer and Intern positions available with trained California sea lions

Jenifer Zeligs jzeligs at mlml.calstate.edu
Thu Oct 27 13:52:31 PDT 2011

The SLEWTHS project at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories is now accepting
applications for career preparatory volunteer and internship positions
available working with trained California sea lions on the central coast of

SLEWTHS is an innovative project of sea lions and people working together to
further marine education, research, and conservation. Together with its
parent company Animal Training and Research, International, the project’s
range of interests and goals encompasses all major areas of the marine
mammal industry. SLEWTHS, as the non-profit arm of ATR Intl., has three main
program directions: Research, Classes & Internships, and K-12 Programs. The
SLEWTHS project was founded on the idea of a cooperative relationship
between sea lions and people. This forms the important foundation and common
denominator for all the research performed by the project. In addition to
research, education is a major focus of the SLEWTHS project. We offer
internships http://slewths.mlml.calstate.edu/intern.htm for people who want
to spend a day to several weeks working at our facility with the animals and
staff in a hands-on experience. We also have a more long-term volunteer
job-training program http://slewths.mlml.calstate.edu/jobs.htm where people
interested in developing a career working with animals can learn technical
skills to help compete to get a job in the industry.

If you are interested in applying for either Intern or Volunteer positions
please visit the links above and submit your application following the
instructions on the web site.  For further information you may contact:
Stefani Skrovan sskrovan at mlml.calstate.edu.
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