[MARMAM] Biennial Workshop: Marine Mammal Education and Conservation

Jen Kennedy, Blue Ocean Society jen at blueoceansociety.org
Fri Oct 28 12:01:11 PDT 2011

Marine Mammal Education and Conservation: Facts, Tools and Assessing Impacts

There is still space for this workshop at the 19th Biennial Conference on
the Biology of Marine Mammals
e&id=549&Itemid=65>  in Tampa, Florida. The all-day
<http://www.blueoceansociety.org/Workshop/> workshop is on Saturday,
November 26, 2011. 

In the morning, we will have presentations from speakers (about their
programs and methodologies) who interact with a variety of different
audiences--whale watch participants, museum participants, middle school
students, university students, festival participants. In the afternoon, we
will focus on threats marine mammals face, hearing from experts in the field
about these issues. 


We will then break out and have smaller discussions about what we can do as
marine mammals educators to have a larger influence on what people DO after
leaving an encounter. Is there a message we can all relate? Are there
certain actions that people can take that will be more effective than

Finally, we will have a list of marine mammal education institutions for you
to use for networking and idea generation during and after the conference.  

Register today to guarantee your space!

We look forward to seeing you in Tampa,

Cynde McInnis
Education Coordinator 
Cape Ann Whale Watch <http://www.seethewhales.com> 

Jen Kennedy
Executive Director
Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation

Stefanie Hawks-Johnson
Executive Director
Marine Mammal Connection Society <http://marinemammalconnection.org/> 


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