[MARMAM] Call for papers on giant otters for special issue in LAJAM

Miriam Marmontel marmontel at mamiraua.org.br
Wed Oct 19 23:27:30 PDT 2011

Dear Colleagues (apologies for cross postings)

We are pleased to announce that the /Latin American Journal of Aquatic 
Mammals/ (/LAJAM/) will publish a *Special Issue on the Biology and 
Conservation of the Giant Otter *(/Pteronura brasiliensis/) by the end 
of 2012.

/LAJAM/ is published twice a year by SOLAMAC (Sociedad Latinoamericana 
de Especialistas en Mamíferos Acuáticos/Sociedade Latino-Americana de 
Especialistas en Mamíferos Aquáticos) and SOMEMMA (Sociedad Mexicana de 
Mastozoología Marina/Mexican Society for Marine Mammalogy).

/LAJAM/ publishes articles concerning research, management and 
conservation biology of aquatic mammals in Latin America. Articles on 
theory or techniques broadly applicable to the study of aquatic mammals 
are also considered. For this Special Issue we encourage submissions 
dealing with the distribution, population status, biology and ecology of 
the giant otter, as well as dealing with human-otter conflicts, 
population genetics, ex-situ conservation, sampling methods, etc.

/LAJAM/ publishes five types of contributed manuscripts: Articles, 
Notes, Reviews, Comments and Short Communications. Manuscripts must be 
written in English. All submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by at 
least two anonymous referees for scientific content.

Guest Editors of the special issue are Jessica Groenendijk (Peru), 
Fernando Trujillo (Colombia), Paul Van Damme (Bolivia) and Miriam 
Marmontel (Brazil).

We invite you to send a letter of interest, including an abstract, to 
the Lead Guest Editor (Miriam Marmontel <marmontel at mamiraua.org.br>) and 
Fernando Trujillo (Fernando at omacha.org) *before the 31 November 2011*. 
Decision will be communicated by 31 December 2011 and selected authors 
will be required to _submit final manuscripts by 31 March 2012_.

Miriam Marmontel and Fernando Trujillo

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