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Wed Oct 19 10:02:49 PDT 2011

I am pleased to announce the publication of two new books about using GIS in marine biology which I hope will be of interest to the marine mammal community. 


These books are:


1. An Introduction To Using GIS In Marine Biology by Colin D. MacLeod. ISBN:  978-0-9568974-0-4.  RRP: £39.99 (published by Pictish Beast Publications, Glasgow, UK).


2. An Introduction To Using GIS In Marine Biology;  Supplementary Workbook One by Colin D. MacLeod. ISBN: 978-0-9568974-1-1.  RRP: £14.99 (published by Pictish Beast Publications, Glasgow, UK).


These books aim to help marine biologists develop their GIS skills and were written by a marine biologist (and indeed one who works with marine mammals) specifically for marine biologists.  Therefore, they contain the type of information that marine biologists, including those studying marine mammals, are likely to need in a language they are familiar with. 

They are primarily aimed at users of ESRI's ArcView/ArcGIS software, but also contains enough general information to be of interest to those using other GIS software. 


These books can be purchased from http://www.gisinecology.com/Book_Shop.htm. European/International shipping is available for those of you not living in the UK.


More information about these books, including previews of the books contents, can be found at: 



Simply click on the link to the book you are interested in to get more information,. The preview information section can be found at the bottom of the individual page for each book.  

Thanks you.

Dr. Colin D. MacLeod,

GIS In Ecology

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Books From GIS In Ecology Staff:

An Introduction To Using GIS In Marine Biology - RRP: £39.99
An Introduction To Using GIS In Marine Biology: Supplementary Workbook One - RRP: £14:99 

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