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Thu Oct 20 10:23:12 PDT 2011

Greetings to all attendees of the 19th Biennial Conference on the Biology of
Marine Mammals-

We are happy to confirm that  the second biennial Student Travel Fundraiser
Party is happening at the Tampa conference!  In Quebec, the Seal Clubbing
Party was a big hit and raised almost $4000 for student travel.  This year
we are setting our sights higher and would like you to help us raise $10000
for the student travel fund.  Manatee Mayhem will be going down on Thursday
Dec. 1 from 8-3.

To get a ticket we are accepting donations at the conference.  $10 donation
for students and $20 donation for non-students.  Of course, we know we can
count on employed and senior scientists to give more!
Tickets and T-shirts will be on sale AT the conference, no advanced sales.
Space is limited so make sure you find us or a volunteer early at the
conference to get your tickets.

This year there will be a raffle with lots of amazing prizes including an

We are all selling a limited number of manaTEE-Shirts.  Get an extremely
cool t-shirt to show your friends and colleagues you supported the students
and survived the mayhem.

Please check out the official party website for all the information that you
need:  www.manateemayhem.weebly.com  or email us at manateemayhem AT

As always, all proceeds go to the student travel fund!

Mayhem is coming...hope to see you there.

Charles and Ari and the Conference Organizers

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