[MARMAM] Half-time veterinarian job, Seattle Aquarium

C.J. Casson C.Casson at seattleaquarium.org
Mon Oct 10 07:13:58 PDT 2011

The Seattle Aquarium is owned by the City of Seattle and under nonprofit management. The Aquarium currently serves over 825,000 visitors and 50,000 school children and their teachers annually. Guided by the mission of Inspiring Conservation of our Marine Environment, the Seattle Aquarium has a realistic plan for phased growth based on record-setting attendance, membership and fundraising growth, an energized Board of Directors and professional management.  The current annual budget is $12 million.
In addition to a diverse collection of fish and invertebrates, the collection includes northern fur seals, northern sea otters, harbor seals, river otters, seabirds, shorebirds, and occasionally stranded sea turtles.

Purpose of position:
Provide and maintain a complete program of veterinary care for the Seattle Aquarium.

Essential Functions:

1.    Perform diagnostic, clinical, and therapeutic veterinary procedures for the Aquarium's mammal and bird collection.

2.    Provide pre/post-procedural care, nutrition, euthanasia and post mortem examinations for the Aquarium's mammal and bird collection as needed.

3.    Diagnose, prescribe and administer biological and pharmaceuticals as needed.

4.    Provide emergency care for the Aquarium's mammal and bird collection.

5.    Establish and maintain the Aquarium's preventative medicine program for the mammal and bird collection.

6.    Coordinate and schedule back-up emergency medical care for the Seattle Aquarium mammal and bird collection.

7.    Work collaboratively with the Aquarium's contract fish veterinarian in the diagnoses and treatment of the Aquarium's fish and invertebrate collection.
Position closes on October 31st, 2011.  If interested, please contact C.J. Casson at:  c.casson at seattleaquarium.org
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