[MARMAM] Volunters/interns needed for humpback whale survey, Guadeloupe, France

manuela voisine stenella.asso at hotmail.fr
Thu Nov 24 11:40:30 PST 2011



The NGO Association
Stenella is looking for volunteers/interns to participate to a land-based
survey on humpback whale in Grande-Terre, Guadeloupe, a french territory in the
caribbean. The project will take place between january and mai 2012. The volunteer
will assist the researcher in the daily observations from an
elevated platform. No accommodation or compensation can be offered for now. 


Skills needed :

Good observation capacity at sea

Able to support hard field condition for a long period (sun,
warm temperature, etc.)


Speaking french, english or spanish

Be available at least 3 days a week

Any valuable experience will be considered

Students and non-students are welcome. 

Communicate with Bruno
Proulx for more information or to send your resume.


Tank you


Bruno Proulx

Responsable of scientifics activities

Association Stenella

stenella.asso at hotmail.fr

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