[MARMAM] new paper on cephalic presentation of foetus in a cetacean

Pavel Gol'din pavelgoldin412 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 12:10:16 PST 2011

Dear colleagues,

The following paper was recently published in Vestnik Zoologii:

Gol’din, P. E. 2011. Case of cephalic presentation of foetus in a
harbour porpoise Phocoena phocoena (Cetacea, Phocoenidae), with notes
on other aquatic mammals. Vestnik Zoologii, 45 (5): 473-477. DOI

A stranded harbour porpoise pregnant with a near-term foetus in
cephalic (head) presentation was found. It is the first time when
cephalic presentation, now recorded in three odontocete families, is
reported for phocoenids. It proved to occur rarely, yet to be more
widespread for aquatic mammals than could be expected.

The publication is available online via Versita Publications at:

You are welcome to contact the author at: pavelgoldin412 at gmail.com


Dr Pavel Gol'din
Department of Zoology, Taurida National University
Simferopol, Ukraine

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