[MARMAM] Call for papers on giant otters for special issue in LAJAM

Miriam Marmontel marmontel at mamiraua.org.br
Mon Nov 21 20:12:01 PST 2011

Dear friends
  This is a friendly reminder about the *LAJAM - Special Issue on 
Biology and Conservation of the Giant Otter*.
  Please remember the deadline for submission of letters of interest 
with an abstract is *November 30th, 2011.
  Miriam Marmontel, Fernando Trujillo, Paul Van Damme, Jessica 
Groenendijk, editors of the special issue

Em 20/10/2011 02:27, Miriam Marmontel escreveu:
> Dear Colleagues (apologies for cross postings)
> We are pleased to announce that the /Latin American Journal of Aquatic 
> Mammals/ (/LAJAM/) will publish a *Special Issue on the Biology and 
> Conservation of the Giant Otter *(/Pteronura brasiliensis/) by the end 
> of 2012.
> /LAJAM/ is published twice a year by SOLAMAC (Sociedad Latinoamericana 
> de Especialistas en Mamíferos Acuáticos/Sociedade Latino-Americana de 
> Especialistas en Mamíferos Aquáticos) and SOMEMMA (Sociedad Mexicana 
> de Mastozoología Marina/Mexican Society for Marine Mammalogy).
> /LAJAM/ publishes articles concerning research, management and 
> conservation biology of aquatic mammals in Latin America. Articles on 
> theory or techniques broadly applicable to the study of aquatic 
> mammals are also considered. For this Special Issue we encourage 
> submissions dealing with the distribution, population status, biology 
> and ecology of the giant otter, as well as dealing with human-otter 
> conflicts, population genetics, ex-situ conservation, sampling 
> methods, etc.
> /LAJAM/ publishes five types of contributed manuscripts: Articles, 
> Notes, Reviews, Comments and Short Communications. Manuscripts must be 
> written in English. All submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by at 
> least two anonymous referees for scientific content.
> Guest Editors of the special issue are Jessica Groenendijk (Peru), 
> Fernando Trujillo (Colombia), Paul Van Damme (Bolivia) and Miriam 
> Marmontel (Brazil).
> We invite you to send a letter of interest, including an abstract, to 
> the Lead Guest Editor (Miriam Marmontel <marmontel at mamiraua.org.br>) 
> and Fernando Trujillo (Fernando at omacha.org) *before the 31 November 
> 2011*. Decision will be communicated by 31 December 2011 and selected 
> authors will be required to _submit final manuscripts by 31 March 2012_.
> Sincerely,
> Miriam Marmontel and Fernando Trujillo

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