[MARMAM] M.S. opportunities in cetacean bioacoustics and cognition

emiii at buffalo.edu emiii at buffalo.edu
Mon Nov 21 08:26:06 PST 2011

The Neural & Cognitive Plasticity laboratory at the University at Buffalo, SUNY, in Western New York, is looking for motivated students to undertake research towards an M.S. degree in Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior 
(http://www.evolutionecologybehavior.buffalo.edu/programs/ms/) in one of the following areas:
·         Song learning and adaptation by humpback whales
·         Auditory distance estimation by cetaceans and songbirds
·         Auditory scene analysis and source localization within song choruses
·         Auditory perceptual learning in underwater echolocation
·         Development of biomimetic sound production and reception technologies
·         Real-time acoustic monitoring and analysis of cetacean vocal behavior
Most of these projects require a strong interdisciplinary background in acoustics, psychology, engineering or computer science. Students will be supervised by Dr. Eduardo Mercado, along with other faculty in the UB Program in 
Evolution, Ecology and Behavior (see http://www.evolutionecologybehavior.buffalo.edu/).
Interested applicants should email Dr. Mercado (emiii at buffalo.edu) before applying to the program. The program is designed to train researchers, educators, managers and regulators in the study of evolution, ecology and 
behavior. The subject matter of the program is broad-ranging and encompasses those aspects of the life and environmental sciences that characterize how organisms interact with each other and their environment and how those 
interactions change over time.  Students will be required to complete coursework from multiple departments, including Anthropology, Biological Sciences, and Psychology, and may also take course in other departments such as 
Neuroscience and Electrical Engineering to fulfill degree requirements.

Information about the details of the application process is available at http://www.evolutionecologybehavior.buffalo.edu/programs/applications/

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