[MARMAM] Request for dat regarding cetacean trauma responses

William Rossiter rossiter at csiwhalesalive.org
Sun Nov 13 08:06:06 PST 2011

What is the potential for severely traumatized cetaceans to survive at 
sea? The question has been asked specifically about animals and groups 
released after strandings and entanglements, but here is directed to 
animals subjected to capture in shallow water, and released after other 
individuals in the group have been killed under permit. The question is 
relevant to meeting permit requirements where certain species are not to 
be killed: If they are captured with permitted species, subjected to the 
trauma and released will they survive or die?

On 13 November 20 Risso's dolphins, /Grampus griseus/, and two rough 
toothed dolphins, /Steno bredanensis/, were driven out to sea after a 
nine-hour period where a still-unknown number of Risso's dolphins of the 
mixed group were killed and processed in a bay at Taiji, Japan. This is 
a request for data from any source relating to the potential survival of 
the released cetaceans, specifically trauma-induced responses known to 
affect the potential for the group or the individuals to survive.

Thank you,

William W. Rossiter
Cetacean Society International
P.O. Box 953, Georgetown, CT 06829 USA
t/c: 203.770.8615, f: 860.561.0187
rossiter at csiwhalesalive.org
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