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Caryn Self-Sullivan cselfsullivan at sirenian.org
Wed Nov 9 09:49:30 PST 2011

The October 2011 issue of Sirenews has just been posted online:  http://sirenian.org/sirenews/56OCT2011.pdf

Archives of previous issues can be found online at http://sirenian.org/sirenews.html 
  and http://public.sea2shore.org/newsletters

In This Issue:

News from the Secretariat to the UNEP/CMS Dugong MOU
-Dugong Conservation Gathers Momentum in South East Asia
-Thailand Becomes 20th Signatory to the Dugong MOU
-Progressing Dugong Conservation in the South West Indian Ocean

New Book Announcement:  Ecology and Conservation of the Sirenia:   
Dugongs & Manatees, by Helene Marsh, Thomas J. O'Shea, John E. Reynolds

Fifth International Sirenian Symposium

Local News
-Australia:  Dugong Crisis in Queensland
-Ecuador: The Status of Amazonian Manatees in Eastern Ecuador
-Florida:  Florida manatee Cold-related Unusual Mortality Event,  
January 2010
-Puerto Rico:  Progress with Aramana and Guacara in Puerto Rico

Abstracts & Recent Publications List

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