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Dear Colleagues,

The paper below has just been published online in Marine Mammal Science

Pavlov, V. V. and Rashad, A. M. (2011), A non-invasive dolphin telemetry
tag: Computer design and numerical flow simulation. Marine Mammal Science,
27: no. doi: 10.1111/j.1748-7692.2011.00476.x


The impact of devices attached to animals remains a challenge in telemetry
studies of dolphins. It was hypothesized that the hydrodynamic design of a
tag could provide stable attachment to the dorsal fin by means of resultant
hydrodynamic force appearing when a dolphin is swimming. To verify this
hypothesis the computer fluid dynamics (CFD) study of tag performance was
carried out. A virtual model presenting authentic geometry of a dolphin with
tag attached to the dorsal fin was constructed. The same model without tag
was used as a reference object to calculate tag impact as regards drag,
lift, and moments coefficients. Flow around the models was simulated for the
range of velocities as well as the ranges of pitch and yaw angles. It was
shown that in 33 of 35 CFD scenarios the streamlined shape of a tag
generates the lift force that facilitates keeping a tag attached to the fin.
Throughout the set of calculations the tag-associated drag coefficient does
not exceed 4%, which indicates low impact. Data obtained present a baseline
for the further development of non-invasive dolphin telemetry tags.

Please note that this is correct version of the article. If you have
downloaded previous version (with low-resolution pictures) posted on the MMS
website at 2 May 2001 please download it again or contact me directly for
the pdf of the article at pavlov.v.v at gmail.com

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