[MARMAM] seeking Xenobalanus dolphin barnacle samples

John Zardus zardusj1 at citadel.edu
Mon May 23 11:35:22 PDT 2011

Dear Marmam members,


I am seeking a worldwide sampling of the barnacle Xenobalanus
globicipitis that lives attached to dolphins and occasionally other
cetaceans. The samples are for genetic studies so need to be preserved
in a way suitable to preserve DNA. Fresh samples are best but archived
material is also desirable if suitably prepared.


Formaldehyde-preserved samples and samples preserved in rubbing alcohol
(isopropyl alcohol) unfortunately are not usable. Ideally, samples would
be preserved in ethanol (ethyl alcohol) at a concentration of 70-100%
but could also be frozen or dehydrated (either air dried or cured in


Samples are not needed in large numbers and specimens do not need to be
large. Two or three specimens each from many localities would be ideal.


Please contact me directly about preserving and shipping or with any
other related questions.


Many thanks and best wishes,

John Zardus

john.zardus at citadel.edu



John D. Zardus, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department of Biology

The Citadel

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off. 219 Duckett Hall

tel. (843) 953-7511

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email john.zardus at citadel.edu


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