[MARMAM] Give a book to - or buy one for - the VAQUITA

morten joergensen mortenmojo at hotmail.com
Wed May 18 09:12:50 PDT 2011

Dear MARMAM'ers in Denmark/Scandinavia:

As you will have noticed, ­VIVA Vaquita! through Tom Jefferson recently posted a message about collecting and re-distributing books, journals etc - for the good of the Vaquita. I repeat the major part of the text below. 

I would like to establish the same on a local Danish/Scandinavian level. Contact me at mortenmojo at hotmail.com or on the below listed address / telephone number if you live in Scandinavia or nearby and have marine mammal related books, journals, films, posters etc. that you would like to donate. 

I shall then spearhead the effort to collect, list, sell and re-distribute the material, letting all proceeds go towards the same goals as listed below in Tom's text through the same channels - ­VIVA Vaquita!

Tak, tak, tack, kiitos, danke, thanks.
Morten Jorgensen, Broagergade 1, 3.th., 1672 Kobenhavn V, DK - Denmark, Tel: (+45) 22902811

­VIVA Vaquita! is seeking donations or sales of books, reprints, and scientific journals on marine mammals.  Our intent is to collect literature that may not be in use anymore, and distribute it to colleagues who can most effectively put it to use.  The money raised from this effort will be used directly in research, conservation, and public awareness efforts directed at the vaquita (Phocoena sinus), seen by most as the Worlds most endangered marine mammal species. 

­VIVA Vaquita! < http://www.vivavaquita.org > is a collaboration of concerned researchers and educators from three 501(3)c nonprofit organizations: Cetos Research Organization, Save The Whales, and the American Cetacean Society. Our goals and mission are to generate awareness of the vaquita and to promote a healthy Upper Gulf of California ecosystem.  Ultimately, we aim to help save the vaquita from extinction, and to do so in a way that also provides long-term benefits to the fisherman and other residents of Baja California, Mexico.

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