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Humpback Whale Research, Hervey Bay, Australia -  Internship/Eco-Volunteer Opportunity

The Oceania Project, during August-October 2011, is conducting vessel based fieldwork for a long-term study of the behaviour and social organisation of humpback whales in Hervey Bay. See recent publications below.
The Expedition vessel 'Moon Dancer' is a 12m-power catamaran.
 [ http://www.oceania.org.au/expedition/research.html ]   (Right Click to open links)

The Oceania Project is affiliated with Southern Cross University incorporating the Southern Cross University Whale Research Centre (SCUWRC) and the Centre for Animal Conservation Genetics (SCU CACG) and is an affiliate of the South Pacific Whale Research Consortium (SPWRC).
 [ http://www.oceania.org.au/footer_stuff/about_us.html ]

The focus of the research being undertaken is a long term study of the social behaviour and social organisation of humpback whales and the social & ecological significance of Hervey Bay for the Area V (E1) humpback whale group. In addition we are investigating population dynamics, including birthing rates, survivorship, abundance, temporary immigration and migratory interchange.

There is an opportunity for up to four Interns to participate in the research expedition each week during August-October 2011. Interns live aboard the expedition vessel for a week or more subject to time and budget constraints. The cost per week is $1950 Australian which includes accommodation aboard the expedition vessel and food.  Interns are responsible for all costs associated with travel to and from Hervey Bay. 

Fieldwork involved is assistance with photo identification/behavioural observation field notes, GPS/GIS spatial data collection and general data entry. Interns also assist with vessel operations including food preparation & galley duties. Sea time can be validated towards a marine qualification. 
[ http://www.oceania.org.au/expedition/internship.html  ]

No prior experience is necessary and training will be provided. The Internship is open to students and staff of recognised institutions as well as members of the General Public. Preference will be given to individuals involved in marine mammal science courses or related institutions and/or with prior volunteer marine mammal field experience. Places will be allocated in the order registrations are received. 

General information about The Oceania Project and the Research Expedition is online at: 
[ http://www.oceania.org.au ]

Experiences with the humpbacks in Hervey Bay aboard the Whale Research Expedition can
be viewed at: [ iWhales.org ]   (Put mouse over screen and click play button)

If you are interested in participating in the Whale Research Expedition as an Intern you can register online.  

If you have questions or queries please email Trish & Wally Franklin and include a brief CV  [ mailto:trish.wally at oceania.org.au ].

Trish Franklin & Wally Franklin
Directors & Principal Investigators, The Oceania Project
PhD Candidates, Southern Cross University

Recent publications:

Franklin, T., W. Franklin, L. Brooks, P. Harrison, P. Baverstock and P. Clapham. 2010. Seasonal changes in pod characteristics of eastern Australian humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae), Hervey Bay 1992-2005. Marine Mammal Science. DOI: 10.1111/j.1748-7692.2010.00430.x.

Franklin, W., T. Franklin, N. Gibbs, S. Childerhouse, C. Garrigue, R. Constantine, L. Brooks, D. Burns, D. Paton, M. M. Poole, N. Hauser, M. Donoghue, K. Russell, D. K. Mattila, J. Robbins, M. Anderson, C. Olavarria, J. Jackson, M. Noad, P. Harrison, P. Baverstock, R. Leaper, S. C. Baker and P. Clapham. (In press). Photo-identification confirms that humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) from eastern Australia migrate past New Zealand but indicates low levels of interchange with breeding grounds of Oceania. J. CETACEAN RES. MANAGE.

Franklin, W., T. Franklin, L. Brooks, N. Gibbs, S. Childerhouse, F. Smith, D. Burns, D. Paton, C. Garrigue, R. Constantine, M. M. Poole, N. Hauser, M. Donoghue, K. Russell, D. K. Mattila, J. Robbins, A. Ooseterman, R. Leaper, P. Harrison, S. C. Baker and P. Clapham. (In press). Antarctic waters (Area V) near the Balleny Islands are a summer feeding area for some Eastern Australian (E (i) breeding group) Humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae). J. CETACEAN RES. MANAGE.

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