[MARMAM] Marine Research Expeditions in the Mediterranean

Valeria Vergara vergara at zoology.ubc.ca
Tue Jun 28 15:59:49 PDT 2011

Kai Marine Research Expeditions currently has space availability to 
participate in four marine research cruises in the Mediterranean this 
summer (July 16^th -28^th , August 1^st -13^th , August 15^th -22^nd , 
and September 2^nd -14^th ). A dedicated scientific team on-board will 
be studying different aspects of the behavior of the most emblematic 
species to contribute to their conservation. You can join our crew to 
learn observation and tracking techniques for cetaceans and turtles, and 
basic marine navigation skills. The research platform, the Toftevaag, is 
a fishing boat of Norwegian origins that had its 100^th birthday in 
2010. Since 1989, it has been dedicated exclusively to scientific 
research cruises related to the conservation of marine biodiversity. The 
well-known research cruises have converted it into the flagship for 
marine conservation work on the Mediterranean Sea.

You can find more information 

Or contact Ana Tejedor Arceredillo
+34 699801720
expediciones at kaimarineservices.com <http://www.kaimarineservices.com>
www.kaimarineservices.com <http://www.kaimarineservices.com>

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