[MARMAM] NOAA Fisheries releases final 2010 Marine Mammal SARs

Jonathan Shannon Jonathan.Shannon at noaa.gov
Fri Jun 24 07:46:15 PDT 2011

NOAA Fisheries has released the final versions of the 2010 Marine Mammal 
Stock Assessment Reports (SARs).  You can access the 2010 reports, as 
well as past SARs, online at: http://www.nmfs.noaa.gov/pr/sars/region.htm 

Highlights of the 2010 reports:

_Alaska__ Reports_

In the Alaska region, 23 reports were revised.   Most revisions included 
updates of abundance and/or mortality estimates.  None of the updates 
resulted in change of status of a stock.  A new SAR for an unidentified 
stock of narwhal has been added in the Alaska region. 

_Atlantic Reports_

SARs for 17 Atlantic Stocks were updated (9 strategic and 8 
non-strategic) and 4 Gulf of Mexico stocks (2 strategic and 2 
non-strategic).  The updates included revised abundance and/or mortality 
estimates for these stocks, and one update resulted in a modified status 
of a stock (long-fined pilot whale is now considered strategic). 

Seven stocks of Atlantic coastal bottlenose dolphins previously grouped 
into a single report were split into separate reports.  Three stocks of 
coastal bottlenose dolphins previously grouped into a single report for 
Northern Gulf of Mexico Coastal were split into separate reports.  Two 
previously separated stocks of Gulf of Mexico, Bay, Sound, and Estuary 
stocks of bottlenose dolphins were combined into a single stock 
(Sarasota Bay/Little Sarasota Bay).

A new SAR is included for a Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands stock of 
sperm whales in the Caribbean Sea. 

_Pacific Reports_

In the Pacific region, SARs were revised for 51 stocks, and 12 SARs were 
added.  Abundance estimates were updated for 41 stocks, and these 
updates did not change the status of most stocks; the status of the 
short-finned pilot whales stock was changed from strategic to 

The former Hawaii stock of spinner dolphin was renamed as the Hawaii 
pelagic stock, and five new near-shore stocks of spinner dolphins were 
identified in the Hawaiian Exclusive Economic Zone.  The SAR for the 
Hawaii stock of bottlenose dolphin was renamed the Hawaii pelagic stock, 
and four new near-shore stocks were identified. 

American Samoa stocks were added for spinner dolphins, false killer 
whales, and rough-tooth dolphins; the status of each of the three new 
American Samoa stocks is unknown. 

There was substantial revision of the SAR for the Pacific Islands Stock 
Complex of false killer whales, including stock identity and range, a 
newly recognized fishery, proration of incidental mortality and serious 
injury among stocks and fisheries, and abundance estimates for animals 
south of the U.S. EEZ around Hawaii.

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