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Cambridge University Press is proud to announce the publication of Walter 
Zimmer's new book, Passive Acoustic Monitoring in Cetaceans. 

>From the back cover... 
Passive acoustic monitoring is increasingly used by the scientific 
community to study, survey and census marine mammals, especially 
cetaceans, many of which are easier to hear than to see. PAM is also used 
to support efforts to mitigate potential negative effects of human 
activities such as ship traffic, military and civilian sonar and offshore 
exploration. Walter Zimmer provides an integrated approach to PAM, 
combining physical principles, discussion of technical tools and 
application-oriented concepts of operations. Additionally, relevant 
information and tools necessary to assess existing and future PAM systems 
are presented, with Matlab code used to generate figures and results so 
readers can reproduce data and modify code to analyse the impact of 
changes. This allows the principles to be studied whilst discovering 
potential difficulties and side effects. Aimed at graduate students and 
researchers, the book provides all information and tools necessary to gain 
a comprehensive understanding of this interdisciplinary subject. 
Acknowledgements; Introduction; Part I. Underwater Acoustics (The Basics): 
1. Principles of underwater sound; 2. Cetacean sounds; 3. Sonar equation; 
Part II. Signal Processing (Designing the Tools): 4. Detection methods; 5. 
Classification methods; 6. Localisation and tracking; Part III. Passive 
Acoustic Monitoring (Putting It All Together): 7. Applications of PAM; 8. 
Detection functions; 9. Simulating sampling strategies; 10. PAM systems; 
11. References and literature; Index. 
Bibliographic information 
366 pages 
112 b/w illus. 15 tables 
Review 1 
Advance praise: 'This book is unusual in that it combines underwater 
acoustics, signal processing and ecology in practical applications of 
passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) to both marine mammals and anthropogenic 
noise ? also sets the benchmark for a similar approach to PAM in air ? Two 
useful practical aspects of the book make PAM more accessible ? First, 
explicit description and examples of the use of the programme MatLab 
clarify the processing underlying PAM. Second, detailed discussion of the 
hardware and software requirements increase the chances of successful 
deployment ? a 'must read' ? Anyone with an interest in marine mammals, 
whether this interest is in acoustics, ecology, behaviour or conservation, 
will gain an insight into the important role of sound in the life of 
marine mammals and how sound can give a much-needed, yet unobtrusive, 
window on the marine world.' Peter McGregor, Cornwall College 
Review 2 
'Sound is the medium of choice to sense things in the ocean. Cetaceans 
evolved acoustic senses to take advantage of ocean sound, but even a 
decade ago, humans required a ship full of electronics to do so. Now all a 
student needs is a laptop connected to some hydrophones. Zimmer's book is 
the first to provide the critical knowledge to enable you to understand 
the methods required to detect, classify, locate and track marine mammal 
vocalizations. It is a must have for anyone interested in this growing 
research area.' Peter L. Tyack, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 
Sales Points 
? Theory is complemented with Matlab, enabling comparison of mathematical 
description with real functional code ? Datasets are provided allowing 
readers to use codes and data to reproduce figures and examples, as well 
as to implement their own ideas and modifications ? Incremental approach 
develops theory where needed so data can be manipulated without first 
having to cover all of the theory 
Ordering information 
for ordering information. 
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