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To Promote the Fascinating Lives of Minke Whales

The Swiss-Canadian research organisation ORES (Ocean Research and Education Society) just launched their new website to share their tremendous knowledge on the biology and ecology of minke whales. ORES' researchers believe that it is their obligation to share their passion with the global public in order to contribute to the conservation and protection not only of minke whales, but all inhabitants they share their marine environment with.

Since the early Nineties, their dedicated long-term studies in the St. Lawrence Estuary, Eastern Canada, have opened an unexpected and unique view into the fascinating lives of the poorly known minke whales. 

Visit www.ores.org and

... travel to our study site in the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park: ☞ St. Lawrence Estuary

... participate in our field courses: ☞ Field course

... learn about their distribution, habitat use, feeding behaviours and unique individuality: ☞ minke whales

... get to know our 270+ minke whales, many of which are known since almost 20 years: ☞ ID catalogue

... meet individual minke whales such as Loca, the creative hunter, Shawne, the curious youngster or Three Scars, the survivor: ☞ Portraits

... read about how you can support our dedication to promote the minke whales worldwide: ☞ Support

... get to know our unique life-sized cetaceans useful for education: ☞ Life-sized cetaceans

... simply enjoy the beauty of the incredible minke whales.

Please feel free to contact us for any feedbacks, impressions, feelings, corrections and suggestions you might have.

As we love to hear from you!

ORES (Ocean Research and Education Society)
Ursula Tscherter, director
utscherter at ores.org

Stay tuned on www.ores.org
as the field season is just about to start.

Join us on facebook at
"Minke whale enthusiasts".

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