[MARMAM] Humpback Whale stranding, French Mediterranean coast, 13/06/2011

Frank DHERMAIN frank.dhermain13 at orange.fr
Mon Jun 13 09:30:29 PDT 2011

Dear colleagues,

A freshly dead 7.80m young female Humpback Whale was found stranded at the mouth of Carry-le-rouet harbour, 10 km west of Marseille, France. 
It is the second data for the French Mediterranean Strandin data base, the former being also a young 7 m female, in Cavalaire, 8 km south of Saint-Tropez, on May 22nd, 1993.

Pictures of the tail and samples of skin and muscles have been taken and can be sent to compare with the photo-ID catalogue (as the young 8m Megaptera seen in Savona by the end of March), or to determine the genetic affinities with known populations. 

We hope it will be possible to perform a complete necropsy tomorrow, though there is a lack of suitable facilities in the vicinity.

Frank Dhermain
frank.dhermain at wanadoo.fr

GECEM Groupe d'Etude des Cétacés de Méditerranée / French Mediterranean Cetacean Study Group
Réseau National d'Echouage (Méditerranée) / French Stranding Network
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