[MARMAM] Three southern right whale captured in a GeoEye1 satellital image

Daniel Pérez Martínez daniel.reporte at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 11:35:59 PDT 2011

Dear colleagues

We found three whales in a satellite image in the Golfo Nuevo,  Peninsula
Valdes, Argentina.  It was a chance discovery while we were made in
developing  planning process for the protected area The Doradillo. The
whales were found in GeoEye-1 image acquired for the project. Three whales
are within 100 meters coast. The first whale is with his head out of water.
The second whale silhouette is submerged under water and breathing. The
third whale is swimming south to Puerto Madryn city.  The satellite imagery,
if from a GeoEye-1 product Line Geo. Image Type: PAN / MSI. Pixel size: 0.5
meters. Multispectral Files: BGRN. The image was taken 23/09/2009, a nice
day, calm water, sunny, hide tide.We believe that this material may be
useful for projects that are working with this type of sensors. If anyone is
interested in details of the images may contact us.

Images can be seen in this link:

  Kind Regards and please could you be so kind to respond directly to our
E-mail address,

 Daniel Pérez Martínez. Independent consultant. 

 <mailto:Daniel.reporte at gmail.com> Daniel.reporte at gmail.com 

Domec García Norte 1142

(9120) Puerto Madryn (Chubut) Argentina

Maria Cabrera. Coordinador. Doradillo Protected Natural Area. 
Secretaria de Turismo, Municipalidad de Puerto Madryn, Argentina. 
mcabrera at madryn.gov.ar




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